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Got my Oprah slingbacks on!

As #IndustryWeek Diversity Director, I have to admit I had an an awesome time with my ‘Oprah slingbacks’ hosting the #WomeninMedia livestream day for our Access Creative College.

Media Panel: Susan Botello Founder International Mobile Film Festival, (San Diego), Caroline Roberts-Cherry, Director and Producer Saffron Cherry, Ngunan Adamu, Producer BBC Radio Merseyside and Sandra (Harrison) Naylor Director from Rivval Studios.

Each shared their career journey with some brilliant anecdotes, they discussed #diversity and #discrimination and had some interesting questions from the students on the livestream. Second year students Holly O’Neill, Lucy Prince and Erin Tierney were event co-pilots passing on their fellow student questions.

Despite the time difference and an extremely busy shoot schedule The Zebra Partnership's contact in the film industry Lauren Kisilevsky joined me, who is Vice President for Original Movies at #DisneyChannel and Disney+ (The Walt Disney Company). Her story from Montreal to Los Angeles showed the passion of storytelling, creating characters and brand.

This was a unique opportunity for the students to engage with industry professionals and see the bigger picture, to help them understand and #creatively respond to change. #Empowering them with new ideas and skills for the future.

Also featured during the week was Jordan Stevens who spoke about his music career and more recently championing #mentalhealth along with ACC's very own Louis Osborne talking about remaining true to yourself and your goals. Naturally he couldn't go without explaining what life is like with his father Ozzy too!

Thank you all for your time.

The takeaway from this is to embrace #truediversity, evolve and adapt to change, tell a story, be organised and #ContentisQueen.

Right, I am off to take these slingbacks off now!

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