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Meet Olugbenga #BlackHistoryMonth

(Gbenga ) A champion for diversity and inclusion, his passion lies in exploring untold stories, it was an honour to have this filmmaker, film me sharing my story for #BlackHistoryMonth.

On 20 October 2020 join Gbenga and the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Faith and Minority Network at a virtual screening of #InvisibleBlack: a short documentary that explores black British history from the viewpoint of black Georgian, a white descendant of a Nigerian man.

It is described by HOMEmcr as “a reflexive documentary which combines beautiful cinematography with skilled storytelling”

To book your ticket go to

Background: Gbenga Afolabi was born in Lagos. He arrived in Manchester in 2004 and proceeded to grow his film skills, culminating in a first degree in Broadcast Television, then a Master’s degree in Television Documentary.

His Finding Nollywood documentary (2015) and Invisible Black (2017) were both nominated for awards. He started the Manchester #Filmjam which gives opportunities to aspiring actors and #filmmakers to showcase their talent, Afolabi in 2019 started the Lagos filmjam.

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