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The Cup half full…

To mark United Nations Day this year, UK based The Peoples Hub, The Zebra Partnership powered by Access Creative College Manchester, brought together experts from international organisations, NGO’s, academia and individuals to discuss their projects and the challenges and opportunities for pursuing the SDGs prior, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a week since over 100 of you joined us from 6 different countries for the ‘Afternoon Tea with the SDG’s’ the name is connected to our ‘Pankhurst Afternoon Tea and introduction to the SDGs’ I hosted at the University of Manchester Chancellors Hotel site in 2019.

As a management team we decided not to take notes from the event but to commission Sharon and Mark, the amazing duo from Two Visual Thinkers, to create what I like to call our ‘SDG Bayeux Tapestry’. As you can see from the images the team have weaved the discussion points, ideas and I have spotted some key facts. My favourite imagery are the teacups, our brand going forward for this style of informal event. Each panel guest plus our welcome speaker, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, has their own cup, a symbolism of their own ideas that they bring to the table.

The artwork has an inclusive element to it as many of us are visual learners, who memorise content more effectively if it happens to be image-based. This is what makes infographics so popular: they crunch down data and findings and present them in an easy to digest manner.

That said you can still watch the event, hear the passion and enthusiasm from the panel plus we had some amazing performers that opened and closed the studio seminar.

As a member of the Creative Industries Federation I’d like to share the details of the creative team from Two Visual Thinkers, they have worked on projects for the NHS, private sector organisations, Leadership Academy and theatres. Try something different and commission them for your next online event, training or teambuilding

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